After you have installed ETA

After you have installed ETA there are a number of tasks that we recommend you perform. Each task is described in detail in the ETA Administrator’s Guide.


More information

Set up an email account in ETA

Setting up an email account in ETA enables users to reset their own password and receive email alerts.

See Setting up an email account for ETA.

Set up user accounts

When you install ETA an administrator account is automatically created. To set up user accounts see Setting up user accounts.

Set up multiple database locations

By default, ETA will store all data under the location specified in WEB-INF/config/site-config.xml, under entry <data-directory>. However, you can add additional storage directories to expand available disk space.

See Managing datastore locations.

Set up data security

See Setting up security.

Set up a valid HTTPS security certificate

See Setting up a valid and trusted HTTPS security certificate.

Change port numbers

The default ports in Windows installations are 8081 for HTTP requests and 8443 for HTTPS requests.

To change these port numbers see Changing port numbers.

Change the maximum allowed memory usage

See Changing the maximum allowed memory usage.