Before you install ETA

Please read this section before you install ETA on any operating system.

Fetching documents by URL

ETA is capable of fetching documents by URL, using the http or https protocol. If ETA is isolated from the relevant network (for example, the internet) then this functionality will not work.

Browsing documents with geographical information

When you use ETA to browse documents with geographical information (location names, coordinates) the web browser may attempt to connect to the internet to show detailed maps (depending on your map provider selection). High detail maps will fail to function without an internet connection.

Loading documents from the file system

ETA is capable of loading documents from the file system using the ‘Server Library’ functionality. It is the fastest way to load a large number of documents but requires a common filesystem directory where users can copy documents and ETA has read access. If this directory is not configured, then this functionality will not work.

Windows mapped network drives are not accessible from Windows services and cannot be used for the Server Library in the default Windows configuration.


ETA can send emails for password recovery, user-configured alerts and other administrative functions.

See Setting up an email account for ETA.

Proxy server

If there is an additional proxy server to isolate ETA from the network, please make sure it doesn’t impose severe upload size restrictions as uploading documents larger than the restriction will fail.

Database location

During installation, you can specify that the ETA database be set up in the default location or another. Disk space available to ETA can be extended by adding more filesystem locations.

For more information see Managing datastore locations.

User accounts

ETA has a built-in database of user accounts and supports the following external user account options:

For more information see Setting up user accounts.

MAC address restriction

Depending on the ETA licensing agreement, ETA may only start on computers with network adaptors that have a license-defined MAC address. If this restriction is in place, ensure that you install ETA on matching hardware.

When providing a MAC address, we recommend using an Ethernet adapter address instead of a WiFi adapter address.

Connecting to the activation server

Depending on the ETA licensing agreement, ETA may need to establish a connection to the Semantic Sciences activation server. If this restriction is in place, ETA needs to be able to connect to the internet to make the connection. Activation occurs on startup and every 24 hours.


Depending on the ETA licensing agreement, ETA might require a specific USB dongle to work. Since the dongle requires drivers, additional steps are required to support it.

Installing dongle support on Windows

If using the ETA Windows installer, make sure you select the ‘MARX dongle licensing support’ installer option. This will install the necessary drivers.

Installing dongle support on Linux

Please refer to the Linux dongle support files provided.

Installing the remote dongle server

In some circumstances it is not practical to have a USB dongle connected to the same PC where ETA is installed.

For example:

  • ETA is installed on a cloud service
  • ETA is installed on a virtual server which can move between hardware for redundancy or load balancing
  • ETA is installed on a different operating system than Windows or Linux
  • no physical access to the machine where ETA is installed

In these circumstances it may be more practical to install the ETA Dongle Service, with the following requirements:

  • requires Windows
  • needs to be installed on the network in such a way that it can connect to the ETA server
  • needs to have the Dongle connected
  • needs to remain running (ETA will stop working after 15 minutes of the last contact made by the Dongle Service, and will recover when contact is re-established)

Please follow the instructions provided with the ETA Dongle Service for installation details.


See Dongle troubleshooting.