ETA's object model

ETA works with both documents and networksA network is a visual summary, generated by ETA, of the information in one or more documents.. Internally, these are represented via the ETA Document Model and the ETA Network Model. Within ETA, Document Processing creates the ETA Document Model and Network Creation creates ETA networks from ETA documents.

A generic example of the object structure across documents and networks is shown below.

The object hierarchy




Objects can be associated via links and connections, as follows:


  1. The basic object in a ETA document is the text reference. Depending on the output table settings in the Document Processing configuration a text reference type (for example, Person) may be resolved within the document to become an entity - or otherwise created as an entity, for example via a Document Processing Script.
  2. The base object of the network is the ‘Simple Node’ which can be created from either an entity or a text reference within the document model via the Network Creation configuration.
  3. Network entity resolution (that is, cross-document entity resolution) is optional and applies to network nodes.
  4. Community detection is also optional and applies to resolved nodes.
  5. Resolved and community nodes are created by clustering nodes at the level below.