Enabling email ingestion from a mail server

By default, there are three methods by which Sintelix users can ingest files. They can:

Sintelix can be configured to offer a fourth method, which is to ingest emails from a mail server. A simple change to the library.xml file is required to enable this feature. A ‘Mail’ tab is then added to the ‘Add Document’ pane on the Collections tab, as shown in Figure 1.

Users are prompted to enter the login details of a mail server from which they want to ingest emails, then select the folder that contains the emails. For more about this feature see Adding documents to a collection.

Figure 1: The Mail tab on the Add Documents pane on the Collections tab

To enable users to ingest emails from a mail server:

  1. Go to the file <Sintelix database directory>The directory in which the Sintelix database is stored, for example, C:\Users\Documents\Sintelix database.\library.xml
  2. Add the following code to the location shown below:
  3. <library name="Mail" class="library:Email"> </library>

    <library name="Custom Library" class="library:FileSystem">
    <library name="Mail" class="library:Email"> </library>
  4. Restart the Sintelix service (see Starting, stopping and restarting Sintelix in a Windows environment).
  5. The ‘Mail’ tab is added to the ‘Add Documents’ pane on the Collections tab.