Displaying an overview of your system

The System Overview pane displays an overview of your Sintelix system including the version number, license status and the location of your database.

To display the System Overview pane:

  1. Click Status.
  2. The Status screen is displayed.

  3. Each item on the System Overview pane is described in Table 1 below.
  4. Table 1: Sections on the System Overview pane




    System Information


    The version number of the Sintelix installer.


    Activated Capabilities

    Sintelix capabilities activated in your license.


    Supported Language Pipelines

    Languages supported by Sintelix.

    A green icon indicates that the language is licensed and installed.

    A grey icon indicates that the language is licensed but not installed.

    A grey icon with a yellow triangle indicates that the language is not licensed but has been installed.

    Token Quota


    This section totals the number of tokensA segment of text. In general, the number of tokens in a document equates to the number of words and punctuation marks in it. processed by Sintelix and compares it to your licensed quota. The quota is segmented as follows:

    • the daily quota resets at midnight
    • the weekly quota resets at midnight between Sunday and Monday
    • the monthly quota resets at midnight on the first of each month
    • the yearly quota resets at midnight between 31 December and 1 January each year
    • the perpetual quota begins at the time Sintelix is installed

    All times are in the server’s local time zone.

    When you reach your licensed quota you will not be able to upload any new documents to Sintelix. Processing, however will not be affected.

    System Configuration

    (only available to administrators)

    License validity period

    The period in which your license is valid.


    Main datastore location

    The location of the Sintelix database, as configured during the installation process.



    All of the datastores that have been set up.


    Browsable documents location

    The location of the Server Library folderA folder in which you can place source documents. When you install Sintelix you are prompted to enter a path and name for a server library folder. The default name is 'Server Library' but you can change this. The fastest way to ingest documents is to place them in a server library folder., as configured during installation.


    User accounts (used / limit)

    The total number of current user accounts and the total number of user accounts your license allows.


    User sessions (active / limit)

    The number of active user sessions for each role and plugin, and the total number your license allows.

    If your license includes the IBM i2 ANB plugin, one Analyst or Configure user session must be available for this.

    ‘Full’ indicates that all of the sessions your license allows for that role are currently being used.

    Note: User sessions for higher access roles can be used for lower access roles. For example, your license allows for five Configure sessions and four are in use. You need an Analyst session. You do not need to purchase an additional session: the remaining Configure session will be automatically used.

    For a description of each user role see Setting up user accounts.


    Web service sessions

    The number of active web service sessions.


    Activated integrations

    Activated integrations with other applications, such as IBM i2 products.


    Phone home license status

    If your license includes phone homeA method of license validation where Sintelix periodically contacts the phone home server at Sintelix Pty Ltd. An internet connection is required for this. licence validation, this cell displays the value ‘Valid’.

    Note: The three phone home rows are only displayed when your license is validated by this method.


    Phone home slot

    The phone home slot used by this computer. To release the slot click Release Slot.


    Phone home slot expiry

    The time that has elapsed since Sintelix last phoned home.


    Licensed MAC addresses

    The MAC address covered by your license.


    Licensed number of CPU cores

    The maximum number of CPU cores your license allows.


    Memory limited CPU cores

    The maximum number of CPU cores Sintelix will use based on available memory. The number of CPU threads used by Sintelix for document processing is the smaller of those two limits, and no larger than the physical CPU capabilities.


    Processor limited CPU cores

    The number of cores on this computer.

    System Health

    Memory allocated

    The amount of memory currently being used by Sintelix out of the total memory allocated to it.

    To change the memory allocated to Sintelix see Changing the maximum allowed memory usage.


    Memory free

    The percentage of the maximum allowed memory that is currently being used by Sintelix.


    Background tasks

    The number of background tasks currently running.