Updating a Sintelix activation key on a Windows machine

When you change your Sintelix license (for example, from a demonstration license to a full license) you are issued with a new activation key. There are two ways to update the activation key in Sintelix. You can:

To update a Sintelix activation key on a Windows machine:

  1. Click the Start menu then type ‘services’.
  2. Click Services.
  3. Locate the service ‘Sintelix (managed by WinServ)’.
  4. If the Sintelix service is running, stop it.
  5. Go to the directory <Sintelix installation directory>The directory in which the Sintelix program has been installed, for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Sintelix.\license
  6. Rename the existing activation key by adding ‘_old’ to the file extension.
  7. Copy your new activation key into the directory.
  8. Restart the Sintelix service.
  9. To verify the license details, log in to Sintelix then click Status on the Main Navigation Bar.
  10. License details are shown in the System Configuration section.