Additional security options

Additional Security Options is for enabling and disabling specific features in your security model. These features are controlled with the <show-inaccessible> and <per-document-security> tags.

Child element tags

Table 1: Child element tags




When set to true, users can see but not access documents, collectionsA collection is a container for storing and organising ingested files and documents. Only the textual content is stored in collections, not the original files and documents. and networksA network is a visual summary, generated by Sintelix, of the information in one or more documents. of which they have insufficient access privileges.

In Sintelix, the names of secured collections are visible, but all other information such the number of Documents cannot be viewed.


When set to true, the per document security feature is enabled.

In the Add Documents panel in the Configuration pane, Security Metadata configuration is now visible. Users are now able to apply document security to individual Documents, in addition to the security of the Collection they belong to.

Code examples

Table 2: Code examples for common implementations of additional security options


Code example and Sintelix UI output

Show inaccessible documents and collections




Sintelix UI output: Collections: Collections > Collections panel

Enable per document security metadata




Sintelix UI output: Add Documents: Collections > Collection > Add Documents > Configuration pane