Configuring Windows domain single sign-on authentication

Before you configure Windows domain single sign-on authentication, make sure ETA is running on a Windows machine that belongs to the same domain as your users.

To configure Windows domain single sign-on authentication:

  1. Go to the file <ETA database directory>The directory in which the ETA database is stored, for example, C:\Users\Documents\ETA database.\external-users\user_repositories.xml
  2. Note: If you don’t know where your ETA database folder is click Status at the top right of the ETA toolbar then scroll down to the System Configuration section. The location of your ETA database is shown beside Main datastore location.

  3. Locate the <windowsLoginConfigurations> section.
  4. Make the changes you require to the code. Use the code below as a guide.


	<userGroups role="CONFIGURE">
	<userGroups role="ANALYST">
		<item>NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users</item>
	<userRoles role="CONFIGURE"></userRoles>
	<allUsers role="CONFIGURE">false</allUsers>