Configuring LDAP server user authentication

If your organisation has an LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol server or an Active Directory Domain which can be used for user authentication, it is possible to use either as a ETA user repository. Adding a user repository involves modifying an xml file on the ETA server’s file system.

ETA can authenticate users by binding as those users to an LDAP server. If the bind is successful, the users are considered authenticated.

To configure LDAP server user authentication:

  1. Go to the file <ETA database directory>The directory in which the ETA database is stored, for example, C:\Users\Documents\ETA database.\external-users\user_repositories.xml
  2. Note: If you don’t know where your ETA database folder is click Status at the top right of the ETA toolbar then scroll down to the System Configuration section. The location of your ETA database is shown beside Main datastore location.

  3. In the Configurations section under ‘example: an LDAP repository’, make the changes you require to the code. Use the examples below as a guide.