Defining the password policy

ETA enforces password strength, expiry and history. You can edit the default settings to suit your requirements.

To change the default password settings:

  1. Go to the file <ETA installation directory>The directory in which the ETA program has been installed, for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\ETA.\webapp\WEB-INF\resources\com.sintelix.semanticportal.spring\security-context.xml
  2. Make the changes you require. You can edit the following settings:
  3. <beans:bean id="userState" class="com.sintelix.semanticportal.login.UserState" scope="singleton">
    	<beans:property name="lockoutEnabled"> <!-- default: false -->
    	<beans:property name="lockoutSecs"> <!-- default: 60 -->
    	<beans:property name="attemptResetSecs"> <!-- default: 60 -->
    	<beans:property name="attemptBeforeLockout"> <!-- default: 5 -->
    	<beans:property name="adminPasswordExpiryDays"> <!-- default: 0 (never expires) -->
    	<beans:property name="userPasswordExpiryDays"> <!-- default: 0 (never expires) -->
    	<beans:property name="passwordMinDigitCount"> <!-- how many digits a password must have -->
    	<beans:property name="passwordMinLowerCount"> <!-- how many lowercase characters a password must have -->
    	<beans:property name="passwordMinUpperCount"> <!-- how many uppercase characters a password must have -->
    	<beans:property name="passwordMinLength"> <!-- minimum password length -->