Setting up an email account for ETA

For users to manage their own passwords and receive email alerts ETA must be set up to send email messages. To see or modify email settings you must log in as an administrator.

To change the default password policy settings see Defining the password policy.

To set up an email account in ETA:

  1. Create an email account for ETA to use.
  2. Log in to ETA as an administrator.
  3. On the Main Navigation Bar click Admin then click the Email Account Settings tab.
  4. Tick ‘Use Email Notifications’ then enter your company’s SMTP server details and account details.
  5. Notes:  

  6. Validate your settings by sending a test email.
  7. Note: To send a test email, make sure your user account has a valid email address associated with it. Click on the User Accounts tab to confirm the email’s arrival and change it if necessary.

  8. Press ‘Send Test Email’.
  9. A message indicates the status of the test message.

    Note: Email transmissions are logged and all available information is documented. To view the log click ‘Full Log’ in the message box.

  10. Click Close.
  11. Check that the email has been received. If it has not been received, revise your settings.
  12. Click Save Settings.
  13. Ensure that the email address and associated information for each ETA user is correct.