Visuals and navigation

The taxonomy editor interface provides additional customisation and navigation controls.

  1. Colour customisation of taxonomy levels
  2. Overview and shortcut to a particular tag on a level
  3. Toggle between view and refinement mode
  4. Quick access to nodes with unassigned documents
  5. Fold or unfold branches in taxonomy tree (right-click to fold or unfold all nodes on the same level)

Colour customisation

Taxonomy levels are given different colours by default. The colour scheme of a taxonomy can be changed using the swatch icon in 1.

You may pick a single colour from the popup dialog to set all nodes of that level to the same colour, or choose "Use a different color for each tag" to select an automatic colour for each different tag.

Colour picker popup dialog

Quick access to tags

The number of unique taxonomy tags for each level is displayed in region 2.

Click on it to bring up a quick access tag list:

The number on the left displays the total number of tags with that name.

Selecting an item on the quick access list will adjust the folding of the taxonomy tree to show only the occurrences of nodes with the selected tag.

The corresponding document list will be automatically activated if there is exactly one node with that tag.

Switching between view and refinement modes

The editing controls and unassigned nodes are essential when refining taxonomies and documents, but takes up additional space for viewing.

You can hide these controls by unchecking "Refinement Mode" in 3.

Quick access to unassigned documents

"Unassigned" refers to documents without a corresponding tag for that taxonomy level.

At the end of each branch for each level, an extra automatic "Unassigned" node is displayed to allow access to those documents.

Taxonomy nodes that have any unassigned documents at or below it is marked with a symbol.

The indicator at 4 displays the number of non-empty unassigned nodes.

You can click on the indicator to expand the taxonomy tree to show only those unassigned branches.

Flag a taxonomy node for quick access

A taxonomy node can be flagged for easy identification and quick access at a later time.

The leftmost icon 5 of a taxonomy node provides additional details and also setting of flags.

In the popup dialog, you can choose a unique flag for that particular taxonomy node 6.

If the taxonomy contains any flagged nodes, they are displayed at region 7. These flag icons provide quick access to the flagged nodes.