A taxonomy represents a hierarchy of classification tags made up of one or more levels of tags. It provides a structured view of one or more document collectionsA collection is a container for storing and organising ingested files and documents. Only the textual content is stored in collections, not the original files and documents. by dividing documents into different classification groups.

Details on structure of a taxonomy is explained later in Designing a Taxonomy.

Browse and view taxonomies

To access taxonomies, choose"Taxonomies" from 1 on the main menu bar. A page with the following layout will be displayed.

Taxonomies are organised under projects, choose a project under the breadcrumbs bar (2) to view and edit taxonomies in that project.

A list of taxonomies in the selected projects is displayed in the taxonomy list pane 3, click on one of the names to open the taxonomy.

Copy From (taxonomy from another project) and Import are available in the "Copy From" and "Import" tabs of region 5 respectively.

Create a taxonomy

To create a taxonomy: using the form in region 5, enter the new taxonomy name in the text field, click "Create" to proceed.

Within a single project, each taxonomy must have a unique name. However, names can be reused in a different project.

Organise taxonomies

Management of taxonomies are similar to that for other configurations, region 4 offers these standard management operations :

Taxonomies do not contain document collections, document collections are remembered as mappings only.

These operations (including "Copy From" and "Import") do not apply to document collections referenced by the taxonomy.

Referenced document collections are handled as follows:

Copy: the cloned taxonomy remains mapped to the document collections of the source taxonomy, therefore edits on documents will be reflected back on the original taxonomy.

If complete isolation is required, you may make a copy of the underlying document collections, and then change the cloned taxonomy to link to the new document collections.

Delete: the taxonomy alone is deleted, the mapped document collections and their document tags will remain.

Export/Import: the taxonomy alone is exported or imported, keeping the mappings to document collections by name, documents are not exported or imported.

To export or import taxonomy with document collections, you may use the full export/import of the embracing project.