Exporting Sintelix networks to IBM i2 applications

Sintelix networksA network is a visual summary, generated by Sintelix, of the information in one or more documents. can be exported to an xml file then imported into the following IBM i2 applications:

The broad steps are to:

By default, automatic mapping is used. Sintelix matches its entity types with IBM i2 entity types. You can improve the mapping by ‘influencing’ automatic mapping. This involves changing the Sintelix network schema to be more similar to the i2 schema. If you are not satisfied with automatic mapping you can manually map entities. However, influencing automatic mapping is the preferred method as it will be more robust when the i2 schema changes.

Once you have created a configuration you can test it using different networks and different IBM i2 schemas. Both the Sintelix network and i2 Analyze Schema can be changed at any time and the i2 Mappings configuration will remain valid.

IBM i2 Analyze mandatory properties

The IBM i2 schema can specify that some properties, or a group of properties, are mandatory. Entities cannot be created if a mandatory property has no value. If a configuration maps to such an i2 entity type, but mandatory properties are not mapped, the configuration will display an error and the entity mapping will not be valid.

Note: Even though mandatory properties are mapped, the Sintelix entity might still not have any data in the corresponding entity property. These entities are still not valid and will be skipped during the export process.

To map Sintelix network to an IBM i2 application:

  1. Do one of the following:
  2. From the Reference Network dropdown list select the Sintelix network you want to map to the i2 application.
  3. Note: The configuration is not network-dependent, but a reference network is needed to confirm that all the network’s types are mapped as expected. If no reference network was selected then only entities in the Sintelix default schema are listed.

    The result of automatic mapping between the entities in the Sintelix network and those in i2 schema is shown. The entities are listed in alphabetical order.

    Each Sintelix entity has a name and a semantic typeA term used when mapping a Sintelix network to an IBM i2 schema to describe the type of information an entity represents, for example, Document, Gender, Organisation, Relationship Type or Latitude.. Automatic mapping attempts to match the name and semantic type (first both, then either) with i2 entities. If exactly one i2 entity matches, automatic mapping will map to that entity type.

    Once an entity and its properties are mapped, you can test the mapping to see if the export works as intended on the Reference Network.

  4. To test the mapping for an entity click Data Preview.
  5. The Sintelix network entities that will be mapped to entities in IBM i2 are listed at the top of the pane on the right. The entity you want to preview is selected and the details are shown in the table below. If any warnings or errors are generated by exporting the entities, they are shown.

  6. Do one or more of the following:
  7. When you have tested the configuration and all the mappings are correct, export the current Reference Network by clicking ‘Run Network Export’. The resulting file is a standard IBM i2 XML file which can be uploaded to a running i2 server using the provided ‘IAP Data Load’ application.