Multifile network export configuration

The Multifile Network Export exports a network using a configurable text-based data format. Each exported node and link type is encoded in a separate file, in which one row represents one node or link.

The configuration is an XML file comprising:

A separate file is exported for each node block and link block. These files are combined in a zip archive for export.

The separator block

This declaration specifies the separator to use between columns. Using a comma produces a valid CSV file. The separator can be any string. If separator is the word "tab", a tab character is used instead.


Note: The exported values will not contain the separator string. have each instance of separator string replaced with underscore (_).

Node file declarations

Node file declarations are specified by node blocks.

<column name="Sintelix Case ID"></column>
<column name="Sintelix Entity ID">id</column>
<column name="Full Name">label</column>
<column name="Surname">features.lastName</column>
<column name="First Name">features.firstName</column>
<column name="Second Name">features.middleName</column>
<column name="Gender">features.gender</column>

<sintelixType> specifies the node type in Sintelix network.

<outputType> specifies the name for output file.

<column> elements specify which fields are exported.

Link declarations

Link declarations specify which network links are exported. Only links which have both their targets exported as nodes will be available for export.

<outputType>Organisation to Person</outputType>
<column name="Role">keyword|type</column>
<column name="Sintelix Person Entity ID"></column>
<column name="Sintelix Organisation ID"></column>

keyword, type, id

<sintelixType> specifies the link type in Sintelix network.

<outputType> specifies the name of the output file.

<target1> and <target2> are the conditions on the link's target types. In this example, only network links linking Person-cluster to Organisation-cluster are exported.

<column> elements specify which fields are exported.