Importing a single watchlist using the Watchlist wizard

The Watchlist Wizard enables you to import a single watchlist from a CSV fileA Comma Separated Variable file, where variables in the file are separated by a comma, a tab, a semicolon or another character. and create a dictionary from the entities in it. It then prompts you to:

As you process documents in the collection, watchlist entities in the dictionary will be identified.

If a watchlist CSV file is updated and you want to update the corresponding dictionary, you can do so easily without needing to use the wizard again.

To import a watchlist using the Watchlist wizard:

  1. Create or open the ETA project you want to import the watchlist into.
  2. Hover over the Configurations tab then click Watchlist Import Wizard.
  3. The wizard is displayed.

  4. Click Start Wizard.