Configuring classification and tagging

Tagging and Classification configurations have two XML fields: Data Transformation and Discrimination.


Data transformation

The only significant field that needs to be edited is the channel field name.

The structure of channel field names depends on the data type (text, properties, tags)

document text

There's only one possibility:

<channel name="text">


The available properties can be found from the search query facet interface:

There template for properties is

<channel name="prop>Category>Property Name">

for example:

<channel name="prop>Metadata>content_status">


Tags are available from the classifier tag selector:

There template for properties is

<channel name="tags>Category">

for example:

<channel name="prop>Parliamentary Documents">

Adding a channel to a transformation field

To add a channel:


For each new channel you create add a scorer by copying a scorer block and adding the channel title you created in the data transformation field (discussed above).

When you finish there should be a scorer or class "scorer:Cosine" for each channel, each with the corresponding name (the "name" attribute in the channel tag should match the "channel" field of the input tag), as below.