The Text Graph Analyzer provides useful debugging information. This topic covers two useful features of EESs that assist debugging.

Debugging with #label

Labelling rules are much easier if you can tell which rule made the graph link.

Add a #label command before a rule to enable this for that rule; for example:

#label "Detect Law Enforcement Organisations" #

This rule triggered in the example below and the label trace shows up as a feature of the Organisation "Supreme Court":

Keeping track of deleted links

The text graph analyser shows links that have been deleted from the graph under the "Deleted" names pace; for example:

Automated rule validation

Each rule of an Entity Extraction Script can be annotated with an example text on which this rule should trigger and the expected output for that text. An automated validation of all rules can be triggered using the "Validate" button under EES editor.

Syntax is: (insert before the corresponding rule)

#example "the example text on which this rule should work" > expected-output #

Where expected output is a sequence of output links, or plain text (in quotes) for parts of input that is not supposed to be annotated.

Each rule can have an arbitrary number of examples.

#example "Hello, World!" > exercise:Exclamation #
#example "I said Hello, WORLD!" > "I said" exercise:Exclamation #
> exercise:Exclamation