Dictionaries provide a capability for automatically recognizing plural forms of entry texts. It is enabled for subsequent entries in the Dictionary via the attribute command:

#generalize:plural true

and disabled with

#generalize:plural false

The capability is quite powerful and can recognize complex and irregular pluralizations:

cat -> cats
legion of men -> legions of men
legion of man -> legions of man
mouse -> mice
person -> persons, people


[To be found with the example Dictionaries distributed with ETA]

The plural forms of person are persons & people.
dog - dogs are human's best friends.
children of hope.
cities in the sky
blind mice
#wordlist Demo5-Generalize
// turn on "plural" generalization
#generalize:plural true
person // two alternative plural forms will also be matched: persons & people
city in the sky
child of hope
blind mouse
// turn off "plural" generalization
#generalize:plural false

Generating the results: