Dictionaries configuration

Dictionaries are lists of words and phrases of particular interest to you that you want to identify in documents, such as types of weapons, names of illicit drugs, names of specific organisations and war crime indicators. Each word or phrase is referred to as an entry. As ETA processes text it looks for entries and creates a link on the text graph whenever it finds one.

For example, this word list ...

... creates these text references in a document.

Dictionaries provide a simple way of creating links on the text graph, including text references which appear in ETA documents.

Entity Extraction Scripts (EESs) work much faster when Dictionaries are use to create the initial text graph literals (which avoids using matching pattern elements generic matching pattern elements like Token as in Token<string=XXX>, which are common and so give slow running EES rules).

Dictionaries offer the following capabilities:

Tools for working with dictionaries are:

To configure Dictionaries:

  1. On the Main Navigation Bar click Configurations.
  2. Click Dictionaries.
  3. Do one of the following:
  4. Create or modify the word list.
  5. Click Save or Save & Test.