Installing ETA Harvester

To install ETA Harvester you need:

To install ETA Harvester:

  1. Make sure ETA version 6.0.25 or later has been installed.
  2. Open ETA in either Google Chrome or Chromium.
  3. Open any project then click Harvester on the Main Navigation Bar.
  4. Go to the ETA Harvester Extension page in the Google Chrome Store by clicking the ‘Go to’ link in step 2 of the installation instructions.
  5. Click Add to Chrome.
  6. Click Add extension.
  7. A message confirms that the ETA Harvester Extension has been added to Chrome.

  8. Go to ETA and reload the Harvester page (right click on it then click Reload, or click on another tab then click the Harvester tab).
  9. Harvester is ready for use. You can now: