Search-modifying document tags

Document Tags are very useful for assigning an arbitrary value to a Document. This is used extensively during the process of refining a Document Processing Configuration.

The Search-Modify Tags capability allow you to:


In the Search page, when you have the results of a search you want to record by tagging - click Modify..., then choose Document Tags from the drop-down list that appears.

The Modify Document Tags dialog box appears and the results pane moves to the Results in Context tab.


Manual Tag Deletion

At this point you can delete all of the currently existing tags attached to the search results by clicking the Delete icons now attached to each one - in the search results pane.

Manual Tag Addition

Type into the Modify Document Tags dialog box the Category and Name of the tag you would like to create:

Now when you click the Add icon a tag with those details is added to the document in the search results listing:

Bulk Operations

Tick the ‘Bulk Operations’ checkbox and the dialog box expands to give you bulk tag creation and deletion options:

You can apply these to all search results or just to the current page.