Scheduling ingestions

The Ingestion Scheduler enables you to schedule automatic checks of server libraries and mail servers for new and updated files, and ingest them into a collection.

You can schedule ingestions to be run:

Figure 1: Creating an ingestion schedule

You can create multiple schedules for the same library or mail server. For example, if you want to check a library for new files twice a day, create two schedules.

The scheduler adds documents to collections but does not remove them. If a file has been removed from a library, the scheduler will not remove it from a collection.


During ingestion, the currently selected ingestion configuration is used and the security credentials of the user who created the schedule. If the project or collection becomes inaccessible to that user, the scheduler will no longer run.

If a scheduled ingestion fails because the specified folder is no longer accessible, the scheduler will pause and an alert will be created for the user who created the schedule.

Ingestion schedules are not copied when the project is copied, and they are not exported when the project is exported.

You can create ingestion schedules from the Schedules tab within a collection, and from the Add Documents tab. When a schedule has been created it is listed on the Schedules tab with the date and time the ingestion will be run, in your local time zone. From this tab you can suspend, resume, edit and delete scheduled ingestions, and run a scheduled ingestion immediately if necessary.

Figure 2: The Schedules tab