Adding documents to a collection

When you add documents to a collectionA collection is a container for storing and organising ingested files and documents. Only the textual content is stored in collections, not the original files and documents. the documents are ingested into ETA. ETA extracts the text from the documents and saves it as XML files (one file per document). Entities (such as people, organisations, locations and email addresses) and non-entities (such as dates and times, addresses and money) are identified and marked with coloured labels. Each unbroken annotation of marked up text is referred to as a text reference.

Depending on the settings in the ingestion configuration you selected, ETA may also make a copy of the source documents and store them in a database.

There are four ways in which you can add documents to a collection:

You can add documents to a collection at any time. You can also use the Ingestion Scheduler to automatically check for new or updated files in a specific library, or new emails from a server, and ingest them into a collection (see Scheduling ingestions).

To add documents to a collection:

  1. Open the project that contains the collection you want to add documents to.
  2. On the Main Navigation Bar click Collections.
  3. Open the collection you want to add documents to by clicking on the name of it.
  4. Click Add Documents to expand the Add Documents panel.
  5. Do one of the following:
  6. Check that the documents have been added to the collection successfully.
  7. You can now explore and analyse the information in the collection (see Exploring and analysing information).