ETA User Guide

ETA is an integrated application for extracting and analyzing information in unstructured dataData that does not have a clearly-defined structure, such as text in word processed documents, presentation slides, blogs, social media posts, customer service interactions, instant messages, emails and websites.. It processes multi-terabyte datasets accurately and at high speed, and can be configured to suit the needs of specific industries such as intelligence, defence, law enforcement, government, finance, geoscience and mining, human resources and corporate services.

Users can extract any information they need from any document set, and from websites, social media sites, chats and emails.

What can you do with ETA?

You can use ETA to:

What can ETA be used for?

Applications of ETA include:

About this guide

This guide is for ETA end users. It describes how to set up and configure ETA to extract information from unstructured text, and how to explore and analyse the extracted data.

Many of the features of ETA, and access to them, are configurable. For this reason there may be small variations between the screen images in this guide and your installation of ETA, and you may not be able to access all the features described.

Most of the screen captures in this guide appear as thumbnails. To expand an image, click on it. To collapse it, click on it again.

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